Vendor Registration Form

  Chartered accountant having own practice
  Chartered accountant and partner in firm but want to work on Individual capacity with you
  Firm of Chartered Accountants wants to work with you on porofessional assingment basis
  Chartered Accountant employed in Inductry but can work on assignment basis
  Final Student still persuing CA course
  Inter/ IPCCC student still persuing CA course
  Final Student not persuing CA course
  Inter/ IPCCC student not persuing CA course
  Tax and Accounts practitioner (M Com, B Com)

  Income tax Individual (salaried)
  Income Tax Individual (businessand others) / Propritorship
  Income Tax Firm
  Income tax Small Companies
  Income Tax Medium and big Companies
  Accounts writing (please specify below the accounting systems who are familier with)
  GST working
  GST returns
  GST Audit
  Compliances under Companies Act 2013 and other MCA compliaces
  Professional tax
  Providend Fund and ESIC and other labour laws
  Bombay shop and Establishment Act / Commercial tax
  Bank Concurrent Audit
  Bank Internal Audit
  Bank Statutory Audit
  Bank Stock and Receivable audit
  Bank inteformation system audit
  Any other Bank related assignments (please specify here)
  Bombay Trust Act
  Project report
  Fund raising
  System development of any kind (please specify here)
  Any other outsourcing services (please specify here)

  Navi Mumbai     Pune     Bangalore     New Delhi     Aurangabad  

  can work in our office only
  can work at our office and/or at site place in my city(no outstation)
  can work only at site (no outstation)
  can work outstation as well
  can work in the office hours i.e. 10 am to 6.30 am only
  can work after hours in case delivery is quite urgent
  can not work on Saturday
  can not work on Sunday
  can work on Saturday
  can work on Sunday
  can work on holiday
  can work only assignment to assignment basis (not per day/hour/month basis)
  can work on per day/hour /month basis if assignment requirement is there

I/We hererby declare that the above information is correct and factual. I/We undertake that in case anything above mentioned discovered to be false or misrepresented then I am/we are liable for the action initiated by VPR.
the above information stated is only for reference and for future tasks to be undertaken by me/us. It absolutely not biding on me/us to accept the work without my intention. I am /we are free to reject the assignment is that does not suit my parameters
I /we can understand that once the assignment is accepted then , its my/our responsibility to complete that to the satisfaction of VPR. Its my/our duty to understand the scope of work and commecials before accepting the assignment.
I/We understand that any material prepared by me/us will be solely for your information, and that it will not be used for any other purpose or distributed to anyone, without your prior written consent. I/We also confirm that all communication between the respective organizations, as well as any material or information developed or received by me/us regarding this engagement, whether oral or written, will be treated by me/us as confidential

  I accept the above Terms and conditions